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This and That (6/23/22)

He Bore Our Sins That We Might Live to Righteousness. What is the Gospel For? This is a sermon I listened to this week that I recieved much benefit from. This sermon was delivered by John Piper at the 2022 Together For The Gospel Conference (T4G). Piper takes salvation further than justification with a view…

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I Lost A Great Mom!

On December 15, 2021 my mother was found unconscious on the floor in her apartment and taken to the hospital. She became responsive and my sister arrived at the ER to be with her. Tests were done to determine the problem and it was determined that she had suffered a serious heart attack, but that…

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Do We Camp Too Much?

Camping has become our weekend thing, our vacation thing, our escape from responsibilities and daily life thing. We probably camp too much but it really is a good family bonding experience. Fishing and Other Stuff Maverick and Rosalyn love fishing so that’s a big part of the campground experience. Riding through the campground and on…

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