Fixing Up The The Old Pickup Truck

Call me Frugal or maybe a tightwad, whichever I don’t care but the truth is I hate to spend money unnecessarily. This is the reason I decided to fix up my 1991 Chevy Truck with over 300,000 miles on it rather than buy a newer truck.

1991 Chevy Truck Before
The 1991 Chevy Beater before I fixed it up a bit.

So what was wrong with it? Obviously it looks like a turd so that is something I wanted to fix without breaking the bank Mechanically it runs great but the front end was a bit loose as you might expect a truck with 300,000 miles on it would be. The interior is also in pretty bad shape so there was plenty to address on this truck.

I started with the body work.

There was rust holes in the rocker panels and cab corners and plenty of dents on the body to fix. I had to replace a broken grill and a busted rear window. I cut out and welded in the rusted out panels and fixed most of the dents with a body hammer and a little bit of fiberglass.

Body Work
The Body Work Begins

Finally got the body to an acceptable point, not perfect but good enough. I then masked it up and put on the primer.

Truck Primered

Almost time for paint.

Because I’m frugal I wanted a good paint but I didn’t want to go overboard as paints can get really expensive depending on what you buy. I went with an Acrylic paint rather than a Base Coat Clear Coat Paint.

Truck Painted

In the end it came out looking a lot better than it did before.

Next I addressed the suspension and steering components and replaced nearly everything.

Upper and lower control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arm, idler arm, sway bar links, shocks and a leaking power steering hose and now it rides and steers like it’s new.

I also added a dash cover and seat cover and installed a new stereo. I can honestly say that I’m satisfied in the old beater and really glad I didn’t spend money on buying a newer truck

Harold Thornbro

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